Aspiring but not exclusive; fun but not cheesy; lively but not frantic - quite simply a place where grown-ups can go to enjoy good food, good music and good company. 

Filling station  

Ever wondered where to go on a night out? Nothing too pretentious just a really good time for you and your partner, and maybe some friends. Somewhere lively and atmospheric but not too “full-on”. Somewhere grown up and adult that has a great bar as well as great food. Clubs are not for you, but you definitely want to stay out late and enjoy a good night out. What you really want is a place that’s casual but smart, plays decent, lively music and has a bar that you can head to before and after your meal to enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail made by skilled bar tenders. Filling Station fits the bill perfectly, a wide variety of great food and drinks at decent prices with service that’s truly a joy.