It is often said that a company’s most important asset is its people – nowhere is this more true than in a customer-facing industry, which thrives offering great service to complement its product.  At TRG we endeavour to build great teams in which individuals can develop their skills, contribute to a successful business and enjoy their time at work. 

The health and safety of our customers and employees is of paramount importance. The Group has extensive procedures to ensure we mitigate risks to our guests and teams. We have very clear procedures and standards in place, and to enforce these we employ external auditors and carry out benchmarking of our restaurants. A portion of our restaurant managers’ bonuses and senior managers’ bonuses are also payable for meeting  and exceeding the company’s demanding standards. We have also significantly increased the level of training in health and safety matters across the group to further enhance the clean, safe environment for our customers and staff.




We employ over 11,000 people and this number is expanding rapidly – the roll-out of our brands means there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to develop with the Group, in a variety of rewarding and challenging roles. We are proud of our record of retention of employees, which we believe is amongst the very best in the industry.

With an expanding portfolio of sites and a sizeable Group already in place, communication with all our teams is of vital importance. All sites receive regular communication packs with updates of what is happening in the Group and within their brands. We also have processes in place for regular meetings within restaurants to cascade information throughout the Group. And of course our more senior managers spend a considerable amount of time visiting the restaurants and discussing matters with the teams.