Energy Efficiency

The Group has achieved eight years’ consecutive like-for-like reduction in energy use (to year ending 31 December 2017).

We maintained the Carbon Saver Gold Standard at our last assessment for a further 2 years, meaning we now have 9 consecutive years of independently verified carbon reduction.

On new openings TRG continues to fit LED lights, and energy efficient kit such as extraction control systems, as well as complying with environment lease mandates where applicable.

Power Saving

We have now completed our roll out of Voltage Optimisation for every site in the estate that has high incoming grid voltage. We are also trialling several other technologies to support control and reduction including refrigeration, BMS, extraction controls.

All our restaurants receive daily energy reporting designed around their needs to enable them to monitor and improve consumption. In addition in 2018 we have re-launched our reporting and behavioural change programme.

The group has already started its Phase 2 ESOS audits hoping to identify further saving opportunities.

In 2017 we improved our gas usage data significantly allowing us to monitor control and control in the same way as power. We achieved a 4.37% reduction on LFL terms in the first year of this initiative.

Waste Reduction

The Group is now consistently diverting 99% of its waste from landfill. Many of our sites achieve 100% diversion.

In 2017 we recycled nearly 1.4 million litres of used cooking oil. It’s sent to be used in a bio-diesel production facility. This is the equivalent of 1900 cars (247 tonnes of CO2) a month being taken off the road.

In 2017 we diverted nearly 14,000 tonnes of waste from landfill through developing our recycling schedule and the increased segregation of food waste from general waste as well as working with our supplier on end disposal points.