We have a diverse supplier network which provides all of the products and services we need to take care of our guests in the best possible way. We highly value our suppliers and always look to build long-term strategic relationships with them.  Our ways of working are clear from the outset and our terms are always fair. All of our supplier partnerships are based on the core principles of sustainability, open and honest communication, and fair dealing.

Being a TRG supplier

Our suppliers have a fantastic opportunity to play a key role in an exciting hospitality business. We’re sector leaders, with an aggressive expansion plan. Our core values are to be genuine, confident and committed, putting our guests at the heart of our business.

Working with us

Our support office team manages sourcing, supplier selection and the full contract lifecycle for most of the goods and services that we buy. They work closely with our operational teams and key strategic suppliers to get the best quality and value at all times. We value our suppliers and the key role they play in delivering our customer promise. That’s why we want long-term relationships with strategic partners, based on the core principles of sustainability, open and honest communication and fair dealing.

Becoming a TRG supplier

If you believe your company can work with us to deliver outstanding customer value year after year, through delivery of great products or services, responsibly sourced and backed by fantastic customer service, we would love to hear from you.

Please email and include full contact details, what you would like to supply, and a company summary.

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Meet Our Suppliers

Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston is a passionate and professional producer of frozen potato products, appetisers and potato flakes, which has been ‘in potatoes’ since 1920. Lamb Weston and TRG work together in a long term sustainable partnership where Lamb Weston has been TRG’s chip and potato partner for over a decade. Lamb Weston provide our chips – 17 different varieties and sizes. Sustainability is high on the company’s agenda and significant progress has been made at all stages of the supply chain, from field to fork. The key results are saving direct water usage by 7 percent or 285 million liters - per year, reducing direct energy use by 21 percent per year and increasing the company's potato utilisation by 4.3 percent per year versus 2008 baseline.

Kepak Group

A strategic partner, Kepak have worked with TRG for over 5 years and continue to supply us with high quality beef, pork and lamb. From 6 manufacturing sites across Ireland, Kepak serve a range of Blue Chip partners across Europe and export up to 20 countries globally. Kepak are dedicated to the future of the Agri-food industry and family farming in Ireland and recognise their part to play in facilitating the sharing of best practise to promote farm level competitiveness and growth. Kepak has worked closely with the farming community for over 30 years and are industry leaders in developing Sustainable Farming Programmes and Initiatives. Some of their successful achievements and initiatives include ‘The better farm programme’, ‘Agri aware’ and ‘Sustainable beef club’.